Delta Light USA Showroom

Delta Light® products were introduced to the USA market in 2006. Since then, year after year, its sales have grown exponentially, making Delta Light USA one of the leaders among high-end contemporary and architectural lighting manufacturers in the United States. Delta Light® products have become a renowned source of inspiration and a lighting design trend reference for American lighting professionals. Their unique European design combining the latest technology, highest quality, and its amazing catalog The Lighting Bible® have contributed to the success of the line.

The success of Delta Light USA is also due to its adaptation to the USA market in terms of engineering, standards, and certifications. A local team based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, outside sales people, and efficient sales representatives network have reinforced our position and our relationship with the American lighting specifiers and distributors.

The Delta Light USA Showroom & Training Center is located at the USA headquarters in Fort Lauderdale where comprehensive product training seminars and open house cocktail hours are held for lighting agents, architects, lighting consultants, and other designers from across the country.

In addition to the primary showroom, the entire building has been used to showcase Delta Light® fixtures, so they can be experienced and conceptualized in real world applications. This facility has become a place where lighting professionals, architects, designers and their clients can meet and go over their lighting projects. Technical support, guided tours, meeting arrangements for special projects during the visits to the facility are always accommodated and encouraged.

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