The characteristics of the SNEAK-R family

A wallwash light effect can upgrade any project, adding sophistication and emphasizing detail in interior design. The Sneak-R is the new top-notch wallwash range in Delta Light’s collection, allowing the user to create depth in a room via an evenly illuminated wall. With Sneak-R you can reduce the contrast between a well-lit workspace and its environment, or it give your artwork the perfect light its deserves.

Engineered to perfection, the Sneak-r combines a slightly curved cover with a lens, resulting in an evenly lit wall, from floor to ceiling. Thanks to the design harmony between led and lens, Sneak-R can be kept very compact and does not attract any attention to the luminaire. The cover design reduces the angle of the mechanical cut-off, resulting in a minimum of glare and a maximum of visual comfort.

SNEAK-R subfamilies

Recent Projects

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