The characteristics of the IMAX family

The Soft Ceiling-concept enables you to create several lighting scenarios, using just one luminaire type. Architects and designers can work with different luminance intensity, beams, effects and filters, without having to change luminaire type. The Soft Ceiling concept thus gives a very pure and minimalist ceiling appearance, and maximum user comfort.

The iMax® series is the first collection designed in accordance with the Soft Ceiling concept. The name refers to the fact that these designs offer maximum comfort for the eye, and a discreet form. The iMax® series features a wide range of light fittings. All offer quality lighting solutions for those who prize refinement. Architects and lighting designers can adapt the luminaires to meet the exact needs of the project: fixed or adjustable, trimless or with trim, varied light beams or a wall wash version, all with a range of colour finishes. To optimize the lighting effect, Delta Light ® also offers a series of light-refining accessories. You can even combine two accessories in a single fitting. To find the perfect balance between visual comfort and efficiency, the LED module in the iMax BR version is adaptable in height. Lowering the LED module results in higher efficiency, while moving it upwards results in perfect glare control.

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