The characteristics of the GABOO family

Gaboo is a striking perforated globe, small in size but powerful and playful in both form and function. The LEDs in the cylindrical cut-outs bring an enigmatic and enchanting effect. Both as an object on itself, and for its special light effects, Gaboo is an attractive feature to any space.

Gaboo is available as a wall-mounted fitting - with levelled side - and in a hanging version, both dimmable. The wall version is available in white, while the suspended version comes in either white or black. When mounted as a single setup, it gives a small space an extra dynamic. In a large space or above a bar, a combination of several hanging Gaboo fixtures will leave a playful impact.

The frivolous look of the Gaboo conceals several LED clusters and the built-in driver For the subtlest effect, choose the optional trimless suspension kit. Suspension and power cable will then connect to the ceiling in the most inconspicuous way.

GABOO subfamilies

Recent Projects

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