XY180 S82 DIM1

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    6 422 121 93 ED1 B
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Fixation Ceiling Surface mounted
Recessed depth n.a.
Thickness of mounting surface n.a.
Information ADJUSTABLE 0-120°/360°
2 x LED FLEX 8,9W / CRI>90 / 3000K / 1050lm
dimming by 0-10V CONTROL
For other CRI or KELVIN, contact factory
Colour temp Warm White (+3000K)
LED Technics (light source) 2100 lm // 17 W // 118 lm/W
LED Technics (luminaire) 1748 lm // 20 W // 85 lm/W
Electrical 120V / 60Hz
Class 2 N.a.
Ada N.a.
Title 24 N.a.
Installation methods 4" J-BOX
Nett weight 2.9 Lbs
IP IP20 - suitable for damp locations
Minimum distance n.a.
Remarks Look at the XY180 brochure

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‘XY180’ is a 3-piece lighting collection designed by OMA. The collection was inspired by a fascination with point, line and surface; key architectural elements. The floor, wall and ceiling lights are meant for individual and shared workspaces, but can also be applied to domestic and public interior spaces. The line uses precise geometric dimensions while the base elements - which include tube lights and a spotlight in either a discreet 4,1W or a powerful 7,1W - can be combined with a hinge to generate countless lighting conditions. As individual components, each part is familiar. When assembled however, they can take on unpredictable and asymmetrical positions. The tube lights create diffuse ambient lighting, while the spotlights provide focused lighting. By exposing the light and allowing it to pivot, the fixture becomes the main feature as it shifts into multiple configurations; a product that contributes to the creation of space, not only by the light it emits, but also by its physical presence. XY180 brochure

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Available colors


    6 422 121 93 ED1 B
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