IC/NIC AT S 500mA-DC 10,5W Mains dim 120V

6 202 7102 47 11

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Type IC Housings
Location n.a.
Class 2 N.a.
Ada N.a.
Title 24 N.a.
Minimum distance n.a.
Remarks n.a.
Used by these products
REO X 92733 S1
REO X 93033 S1
REO X 93533 S1
REO 92733 S1
REO 92750 S1
REO 93033 S1
REO 93050 S1
REO 93533 S1
REO 93550 S1
REO RIBS 92733 S1
REO RIBS 92750 S1
REO RIBS 93033 S1
REO RIBS 93050 S1
REO RIBS 93533 S1
REO RIBS 93550 S1
REO RIBS IP 92733 S1
REO RIBS IP 92750 S1
REO RIBS IP 93033 S1
REO RIBS IP 93050 S1
REO RIBS IP 93533 S1
REO RIBS IP 93550 S1

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