FRAGMA 3x3 93514 ADM

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    6 23611 9510 B
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    6 23611 9510 W
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Location Interior
Colour temp Warm White (+3500K)
LED Technics (light source) 2432 lm // 23 W // 105 lm/W
LED Technics (luminaire) 1946 lm // 27 W // 73 lm/W
Fixation Ceiling Surface mounted
Information ADJUSTABLE 0-90°/355°
9 x LENS SP-14°
LED CLUSTER 23,1W / CRI>90 / 3500K / 2432lm
Consult factory for other track requirements
For other CRI or KELVIN, contact factory
Electrical 120V / 60Hz
Class 2 N.a.
Ada N.a.
Title 24 N.a.
Nett weight 2.9 Lbs
IP IP20 - suitable for dry locations
Minimum distance n.a.
Remarks For other voltages or dimming options, contact factory.
Requirements TRACK 3F DIM
Options Fragma 3x3 beam lens
Accessories Fragma 3x3 accessories

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Based on the design language of Polesano, Fragma uses the LED Caset® technology with multiple LEDs combined with individual lenses to create uniform and clean light effects. As so, no matter which size of Fragma is being used, each beam angle will have the same outcome. To change the beam angle of the Fragma, sheets with microlenses can be put in front of the luminaire. The thin sheets alter the way the light exits the luminaire, but do not change the visual appearance of the track spot. With Fragma Delta Light offers a complete lighting tool to the designer, as all versions have a range of light refining accessories and various dimming options.

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