Get inspired by our video interviews ‘In Conversation With’

Get inspired by our video interviews ‘In Conversation With’

‘In Conversation With’ is a series of video interviews with international architects. We ask them about their inspiration, their realisations, their way of working, their career and how they’re coping in the current COVID climate. Keep your eyes on our IGTV channel and on this page for new videos.

In Conversation With Jonathan Ashmore

Jonathan Ashmore is the founder and director of the award-winning architectural practice ANARCHITECT. In our ‘In Conversation With’ interview, he talks about the emblematic desert project Al Faya Lodge’ as well as his 2 cities: Dubai and London. He shares his favourite materials and offers a look into exciting upcoming projects around the world.

In Conversation With Fokke Moerel
Award-winning architect Fokke Moerel is a partner at the renowned architectural practice MVRDV in the Netherlands. From a cosy greenhouse in her garden in Rotterdam she talks about her inspirations and one of her favourite project in her career, the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam.


In Conversation With Bruno Erpicum

Bruno Erpicum leads the Brussels architecture firm AABE. He talks to us about a very poetic residential project, where the house was constructed around a century-old tree. His takes us through his creation process, his inspirations and his take on art and architecture. Get inspired by the video below.



In Conversation With Rick Joy

Tuscon-based architect Rick Joy of his namesake Studio Rick Joy got to kick of the series as our first guest. Joy shares an insight into his way of working, he talk about his most emblematic projects, favorite materials and about his relationship with his clients. Watch the video below and find out more.



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