The Tagline made-to-measure profile provides an ultra-minimalistic light line that integrates seamlessly with the architectural lines of your project. Limited to only 1/4 inch the Tagline seems almost invisible, a slender line of light that cuts through space.
Available in different application versions - from trimless recessed to surface mounted, as a pendant solution or as perimeter lighting - Tagline is offered as a creative tool for architects and designers to accentuate architectural detail or characterize environments. Any space becomes distinctively elegant when the Tagline is used in a simple linear way, or can become very magical and unique when used in a composition.

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First introduced in 2004 as a single LED luminaire, upscaled in 2008 as a multiple LED luminaire with 4 or 6 LED dots, implemented in the profile section in 2010 as a module with 4 or 6 LEDs, the history of Dot.Com within the Delta Light range goes way back. With LEDs being utterly functional and performant nowadays, Dot.Com is up to its second revival, coming as a complete family of luminaires with multiple LED dots to create the most discreet, yet highly functional light settings.

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Vizir and Hedra, two new members of the Delta Light family, add refinement, finesse and color to the range. They are characterized by an atypical hinge, a design element that not only catches the eye, but also serves as storage for technical parts inside the luminaire.
Next to black and white, the Vizir and Hedra are available in the new Gold Colored and Black Bronze finishes, ether polished or in faceted texture. The faceted design of the Hedra captures and reflects the ambient light with an ever-changing look as result. It is also the typical design element of the Hedra family, a series of pendant, spotlight and wall mounted luminaires, available as full LED solution or for retrofit bulbs.

Now available for the U.S.: Hedra and Vizir magnetic heads as well as the Hedra suspended. Discover what’s available from the Vizir and Hedra family. More from Vizir coming soon!

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Punk, an iconic subculture that emerged in the mid 70’s, is an artistic style usually associated with music and fashion. But it still inspires. The Punk spot was first introduced by Delta Light as part of the XY180 collection, a collaboration with the renowned architects of OMA.
Punk details infiltrate perfectly in the world of modern architecture, to express individualism and urban attitudes. Steel pins might look intimidating, but when combined with light, they become so much more refined. The powerful punk design was launched at Light+Building as a whole new range in colors and different applications, going from suspended luminaires to wall, ceiling and track lighting.

Now available for the U.S.: Punk suspended and sleeve. Punk clip is coming soon! Discover what’s available from the Punk family

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