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Würst is a concept by famous Belgian chef Jeroen Meus, featuring his popular "Haute Dogs”. Together with Philippe Rondou, the best butcher in town, they embarked on a savory sausage adventure, and created the perfect sausage für WÜRST. In other words hotdogs on a high level, not your average sausage. With the perfect buns made by artisan biobakery De Trog.

The first haute dog was served years ago. After preparing a hotdog in honour of Marlon Brando on his television show ‘Plat Preféré’, Jeroen never let go of the idea of creating a more refined and pure version of the classic snack.

The restaurant in Ghent is his second one, which opened in June 2016. Matadi Architecten designed this abandoned place to become a very atmospheric and unique setting, combining authentic materials like wallnut wood, rough plastered finishing, exposed concrete and granito tiles.


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