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At the end of 2016, a unique project was introduced in Prague and an old historical building was opened to the public. Five different studios, each designed in a different style, located on Pařížská street, the most luxurious street within Prague. One of the flats was designed by Radka Valová from OOOOX atelier, a studio well known for its Scandinavian style. For this project, the atelier created a space which differs from the rest of the studio’s projects quite a lot. Valová took this project as a chance to introduce combinations clients are usually afraid of. Namely, she decided to combine strict geometric shapes, historical elements and golden details.

Some of the rooms are very dark while others are rather light. Valová wanted to show the power of black as it remains a taboo for many clients. The dimensions of the space had been predetermined by Ivana Dombková architects, who took care of the reconstruction of all flats. "If you use matte gold instead of shiny golden accessories, you can show the color in a completely new perspective," explains Valová. The flat was designed for a young couple, a fictional model and a businessman who enjoy their luxurious home to the fullest. They bring various souvenirs from their journeys and exhibit them in their eclectic apartment.

One of the bedroom belongs to the model, the other to the businessman. "Separated bedrooms are more and more common in the case of high-standard flats," says the architect. Whereas the female bedroom is designed in light colors combined with golden details, the male bedroom has black walls and accessories. One of the biggest advantages of the flat is a closet located in the hall. It contains a clothes refreshing system and is filled with clothes designed by local fashion designers. The architect wanted to refer to historical elements that are common for this type of building. She highlighted golden door handles, installed hexagonal tiles and kept the old tiled stove in the corner of the living room.

Above the kitchen table, several Super-Oh LED fixtures were installed in different sizes. In the hallway we can find Twenty-7 Trimless in the ceiling, while our Gibbo was used in the bathroom.

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