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Decospan creates beauty by processing natural wood veneer. They develop products based on this precious wood in a creative and sustainable manner. With their treasure chest of more than 160 wood species, state-of-the-art machines, sustainable business model and flexible employees, they are able to develop new products that meet the needs of all stakeholders.

The treehouse is a brand new experience center where wood veneer can be experienced in all possible ways. In an architectural context in which numerous modern interior products were combined, the architect can discover more than 150 wood species. Visitors come in close contact with the many forms of this material and the innovative techniques that exist to process it. The space combines the natural aspect of wood veneer with high-tech man-made processes, resulting in a multisensorial visit that showcases this symbiosis of nature and man.

Throughout the 'Treehouse' multiple Delta Light fixtures have been installed, such as our B-Liner 70 and Supernova for general light and our Diro OK & Diro 130 for accent lighting.

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