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About RSJ company
RSJ is one of the world’s largest algorithmic traders currently trading in London (NYSE Liffe), Chicago (CME), and Frankfurt (Eurex). RSJ is the largest algo trader at NYSE Liffe, and one of the largest algo traders at Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Eurex. RSJ is a Prague based company employing top mathematicians, statisticians, developers and traders.
New RSJ company offices reflect same requirements which are imposed on the quality of provided service. Time, which architects and company management dedicated to emergence new office space is reflected directly in the realization itself, which is follow-through the last detail.
Used products
Our task was to ensure optimal illumination of representative areas that include reception, meeting rooms, corridors and central area in cooperation with architectural studio Atelier YUAR s.r.o. .
Reception area is equipped by recessed Tweeter ST D Reo and two profiles. One of the profiles is suspended directly above the reception desk, second one is recessed in furniture assembly behind reception and ensures indirect lighting. Reception desk is backlit by LED strips.
Corridors are equipped in the same style like reception by recessed LED lights Tweeter ST D Reo. Interesting features are recessed niches, where you can find informal area illuminated by suspended luminaire Husk.
Small and large meeting rooms are lit by recessed Supernova for overall diffuse light. The addition is recessed luminaires Grid In, which provides more pleasant ambient light.
The most interesting area is central brainstorming area, which is used for workshops, but also for relaxation. The environment should encourage creativity during the exchange of opinions and ideas. However, at the same time it should be able to create place for individual study.
Whole interior is adapted, whether its division, by choice of colours and furniture, and by lighting to create various scenes. Recessed LED luminaires for general lighting, Supernova XS and Supernova Semi create a pleasant diffused light that unites whole space. On the contrary LED spotlights You-Turn are able to divide the space into sections with different atmosphere.

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