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Riomar is a boutique luxury beach development that started around 2012. The beach front lots were developed last, with eight beachfront villas / townhouses designed by George Moreno.
The 8 beach units are uniquely stacked in pairs of two, one over another.
The bottom unit gets the land in front of the ocean as garden and pool area, while the top unit gets the rooftop as their pool and decking area.
The interior was designed to be both contemporary and warm / informal. The exposed circular ducking for the air-conditioning was painted in the same tone as the interior, giving the house a more casual and technical look, as the same time increasing the ceiling height allowing the Super-Oh configuration as a type of modern chandelier.
The Kitchen & bar area was intended to serve both as a functional food preparation and an entertainment area, that could double as a bar or dining table. The two spaces are disconnected but communicate through the warm wooden finishing. The rooftop features indirect and soft lighting only, simulating the atmosphere of a trendy beach lounge.

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