Juan Carlos Salcedo (Lider Designer JK SALCEDO)

Luis Fernando Ramos


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As an Iron Man competitor the owner of the house asked for a house build around sports, resulting in an exact Olympic swimming pool and fully equipped gym. Concepts such as motion, strength, stability, lightness, continuity and fluidity helped establish the architectural path, generating a series of compelling volumes.
The volumes are strong, clean and clear reading.
The esthetic philosophy of JK Salcedo is reflected via a volumetric rational, where the honest use of materials in its most basic statements are linked with quality industrial materials and devoid of decorations.
The architect linked the spatial and experiential aspects of the house to the sport routine of its owners.
The swimming pool lies parallel to the gym and a relaxation and recovery area. The atmosphere of the living areas are related to the sports areas through
clean and transparent volumes, that visual and actively generate permanent relations of the inside and outside.
The artificial lighting was applied to accentuate architectural elements, enable all functions or as a decorative eyecatcher.

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