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It´s unique emplacement, facing the Mediterranean coast of Marbella, defines this project. The complete renovation is distinguished by its pure shapes and simple lines, giving the leading role to the materials and the achieved spaces through prismatic geometries.
The client’s desire was to refresh their apartment, the obtained result by Elements Living interior design studio is the opening of the space with a timeless design adapted to their needs. For this reason we chose large format materials, emphasizing the natural stones in the bathrooms and the stucco through out the apartment. All this framed by first class fabrics and lacquered furniture balances the overwhelming white tone on walls and floors. The owners wanted a minimalist but warm style house, so from the beginning Illusion opted for LED luminaires between 2.700K-3.000K. In the lobby and living room we use frameless recessed luminaires To avoid invading the roof plane, and LED profiles hidden in the recesses of the ceiling to provide a fresh touch.
We wanted to highlight some walls to enhance architectural volumes that work as backdrops for some pieces of furniture. The treatment for bedrooms have been totally different. Only LED profiles have been used hidden on the perimeter of the rooms, creating a very warm atmosphere. With no overhead lighting we avoid any direct glare. The bathrooms are illuminated with LED profiles above of the sinks, and hidden between the walls.
We wanted to focus in the lighting of transit areas composed by a striking composition of LED fixtures located in the front wall of the main hallway. The apartment has a control system with which we can regulate the intensity of the lights and create scenes.

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