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This boutique in Shanghai Plaza 66 by a renowned Italian luxury menswear label is based on an entirely new and innovative design concept. The space fuses contemporary design elements with the traditional elegance of its Made in Italy garments, resulting in a unique shopping experience for the consumer.
The narrative of the boutique follows a plotline of minimalist elegance with subdued colours and luxury materials. The walls and floors are both finished in a slate gray Fior di Bosco marble creating a sober, neutral space while rectangular, geometric shelves surround the store’s perimeter. Contrast plays a key role as gleaming wood details trim the shelves and tables, adding a subtle warmth to the cool aesthetic of the marble. Modern velvet futons in bright ochre hues add pops of colour to the otherwise monochrome interior.
The cool, minimalist concept of our new Shanghai boutique is only the setting of the story. The true protagonist? Always the consumer. Thanks to the modern design and neutral layout of the store, each client can fully experience the superior quality and rich craftsmanship of the current collection.

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