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Ladies lake in St Andrews Scotland is a new build property in a stunning and uniquely fabulous cliff top location. The clients use the property as a holiday home and the use of circadian lighting, designed by Pyramid Group, was to specifically assist with the jet lag associated with each trip to Scotland from the US.

The property features the usual list of automated home technology, but with a key element of a complex lighting system featuring ‘human centric lighting’ in the living spaces. A bespoke solution was designed by Pyramid whereby a two-way system that responds to time of day/astronomical clock events and a hybrid of 3 separate systems all synced together via Control 4. The system was compatible with Delta Light fittings and the use of Diro Trimless fittings were used in some of the key living spaces and externally linear Wall Line washed the external walls and the Oblix bollard the perimeter of the property and the Flip Set the exterior gardens.

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