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Clothing store Labaere is quite popular in its region. In the 150 year existence of the store, however, fashion has changed a lot. But one thing has remained the same throughout the years. "Our personal service and our craftsmanship", says current manager Filip Labaere.

With the purchase of adjacent buildings, the store expanded considerably over the course of time to the current area of ​​1,000 square meters. "And yet the customer enjoys a cozy feeling when they come in. The boutique is divided into separate areas: the casual chic corner with a choice of different brands and behind it the space with suits from Hugo Boss, Scabal, Versace, Van Gils and Tommy Hilfiger Tailored.

On the same floor you will find a wide selection of accessories, from dressed shoes, socks, ties, bows and cufflinks to fun boxer shorts. The party attire is located on the top floor. There is also a stylish salon where men can quietly choose the fabric for their tailor-made suits, such as in Savile Row, London. Thanks to the immense choice in various price ranges, many men from all over the country are buying their wedding suit here", explains Filip.

There is a playful combination of lighting in the building. Throughout the shop, recessed Supernova luminaires provide general illumination, while Splitline profiles with Spy luminaires light up the wall with clothing. These are supplemented by clusters of our Spy Clip for additional direct lighting throughout the store.

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