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Huberty & Breyne Gallery in Brussels is dedicated to the 9th art, graphic novels and comic books. The gallery is housed in a former sports hall, that was entirely remodeled by Estate Estate Architects.

The gallery consists of a succession of different spaces, in different shapes and heights. The challenge was to create a coherent story, guiding the visitor through the different spaces while maintaining the individual identity of each space. This was achieved through a symbiosis of architecture and lighting.

A composition of Supernova luminaires is installed in the double height entrance hall. These give hints of what’s to come inside the gallery. At the heart of the gallery a large atrium fills the space with natural light during the day. In the evening, Microline profiles replicate that feeling of daylight.

Throughout the gallery, a combination of profiles and spotlights and diffuse lighting leads visitors around the exhibition. Different atmospheres can easily be created, while the adjustable spotlights can be focused on the artworks exhibited.

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