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Cummins engaged Venko to assist them in the consolidation of their existing offices at Box Hill & Scoresby into one flexible & agile environment at their Scoresby site. Venko collaborated in the change management process alongside an independent change management consultant to ensure a fluid transition of both the consolidated staff and the workplace practice changes ahead.

Venko dedicated time and attention in ensuring early engagement with Cummins staff to foster inclusion and ownership of the project so as to encourage future uptake of the new environment and ease the transition to the cultural changes the project heralds.

The new design is an environment that is encouraging collaboration across service lines, aligned with their company culture and enabling innovation and growth for staff and the business.

The new fit out which accommodates up to 300 staff, largely includes open plan workspaces with workstations/collaborative settings, front and back of house meeting facilities, reception/concierge, utility spaces, breakout, courtyard and support functions.

The lighting throughout the Cummins office echoed the large, open-plan break out spaces and collaborative settings. This was reflected in the use of large round luminaires such as Supernovas and Superloops. Whilst providing an eye-catching element, these large fixtures play an important role by illuminating the breakout spaces with diffused general lighting.

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