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Legends are made by great people that accomplish big things, being driven by their passion and dreams, without being afraid to put in hard work and dedication! One of these people is Constantin Mimi, a pioneer, an emblematic wine maker and an important public figure of XX-th century. He dedicated his life to wine. By applying the knowledge he acquired in Western Europe, Constantin Mimi managed to build the first chateau in Moldova. This led him to produce great wines and raise the standards by implementing new technologies. Thanks to his actions the country’s wine making industry was saved a couple of times, so Moldova can be today one of the leading wine producers in the world.

Today Castel Mimi is one the leading touristic attraction in Moldova, a true guest card of the nation, visited by people from more than 100 countries. The Castle was also included in Top 15 of world's most beautiful chateaux. Thousands of people are visiting the venue to rediscover Moldova through brilliant wines, delicious cuisine and finesse of local traditions.

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