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Bonafida opened in August 2012 as a new multibrand clothing store for women, located in Rollegem-Kapelle (Belgium). Throughout the store owner Tineke Fossez worked with Delta Light to create a stylish, functional and eye-catching lighting design interwoven with the shop concept.

Ultra Twin and Supernova were used throughout the store, providing a well-balanced mix of diffuse and directional light, ensuring that the nature and quality of the goods on display is presented to its best potential. The flexible movement of the Ultra Twin allows the owner to change focus depending on display, enabling her to focus on detail and adding natural shadow. The composition of Topix on the back wall, and the configuration of Metronome above the counter were selected to upgrade the overall look & feel of the black & white interior design.

Installed in the floor, You-Turn HIT uplights the mannequins in the XL windows, adding drama to the window design and grabbing the attention of passers-by.

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