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The auditorium is located in Guatemala City, and is part of the renovation of hotel Westin Camino Real, the first five-star hotel in Guatemala. The design concept was based on a very complex geometry existing space, so it was a challenge to adapt the use of space to function as an auditorium.

It has a capacity for 100 people in approximately 200 square meters and it is equipped with the latest technology. The interior space was designed thinking about creating different textures and volumes through organic materials such as wood. The ceiling was composed of curved acoustic panels hanging, simulating the design of the building façade and with a downward inclination towards the main stage.

In between the acoustic ceiling panels, our You-Turn ON fixtures have been mounted on a track. As the body of the You-Turn can be titled in a 90° angle and rotated no less than 350°, they can be adjusted for maximum dialogue with the environment. While the rotating disc ensures maximum flexibility, the upper body remains in line with the track, resulting in a uniform and elegant appearance.

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