Notariskantoor Van Damme, V…

Coya Restaurant Dubai (AE)

Parmentier, Antwerp (BE)

Cinéma Le Scarron - Théâtre…

United Clothing, Brussels (…

Private residence (DE)

RS Motors (BE)

Roomin (BE)

Schoenhandel Zwartjes van 1…

CBC, Guatemala (GT)

Manzanares (MX)

Obumex, Staden (BE)

Bonafida, Ledegem (BE)

Isagen, Medellin (CO)

The Newt (GB)

Panorama Golf Resort (CZ)

Delta Light HQ showroom LB12

Paris Londres Offices (BE)

HRS Köln (DE)

Capital Park Office (PL)

Office Luxemburg (LU)

ID Lounge, Antwerpen (BE)

Smolders, Sint-Truiden (BE)

w : architekten (DE)

Re-Vive Model House (BE)

Delta Light HQ showroom 201…

Sterkens Security (BE)

Nehty Nehty (CZ)

Huberty Breyne

Asciano Sydney (AU)

INTERIEUR 2018 - Stand Delt…

Tecnoamerica (DO)

Toonzaal LVD (BE)

beMatrix Showroom (BE)

Weingut Zehnthof (DE)

Converted Water Tower (BE)

Private residence Scheltens…

Haarden De Puydt, Evergem (…

Private residence (NL)

Private residence, Knessela…


Brighton residence (AU)

Private residence (Be)

Private residence (NL)

Azerkosmos, Baku (AZ)

Private residence, Oostduin…


Boutique The, Lissabon (PT)

Private residence (BE)

Vue Mont Blanc (FR)

Wigmore Street, London (GB)

Private residence, Neihu (T…

Private residence (BE)

Delta Light Studio Paris (F…

Euroluce 2015 (IT)

Two Johns Taphouse (AU)

Mercedes-Benz Garage Vereen…

Private residence (BE)

Private residence (IL)

Brilcenter Diksmuide (BE)

Private residence, Hornton …

Van Tornhaut offices (BE)

Triënnale Brugge (BE)

Golfclub De Kluizen (BE)

Private residence (SP)

Private residence (BE)

Gemelle Restaurant (AU)

St. Vincents Hospital, Sydn…

Private residence (BE)

Château d'Upigny (BE)

Arola House (GB)

Nowe Orlowo (PL)

Casa Limonar Granada (SP)

Private residence (BE)

Hotel VP Madrid (ES)

Warnford Court (GB)

Uitvaartzorg Commeyne (BE)

Bredgade 30, Copenhagen (DK)

National Cancer Council, St…

Klinika Vysočanská, Prague …

Tennis Club, Athens (GR)

UAMS, Antwerp (BE)

Limited Edition (BE)

Private residence (BE)

Rotam Vastgoed (NL)

Koetshuis (BE)

Private residence (CO)

Al Faya Lodge (AE)

Hôtel Particulier Paris 17e

Landgoed De Mare (NL)

Kinepolis, Kortrijk (BE)

Flanders Fields Memorial Ga…

Delta Light X Milano 2017 (…

Private residence, Aalter (…

Apartamentos Turísticos Alj…

Morimoto, Bangkok (TH)

Menagerie Dubai (AE)

BU3 (DE)

Private residence (BE)

D-Hotel, Kortrijk (BE)

Showroom Delta Light HQ - L…

House Quintanilla (MX)

Private Poolhouse (BE)

Neo-Gothic residence (BE)

Private residence Zürich (C…


Private residence (Be)

Rob Systems (BE)

PDC Oficinas (MX)

Private residence (MX)

Fitness Everybody Fit (BE)

Light+Building 2016 (DE)

Crossovers by Adorno (GB)

Bibliotheek Gouda, Rotterda…

Private residence, Bogota (…

M Maritime HQ (GR)

Boplan, Moorsele (BE)

Incolmotos, Medellin (CO)

Krasnodar Stadium (RU)

Apotheek De Brabandere (BE)

Society, public space and g…

BMC Music Center, Budapest …

Viktoria + Woods Boutique (…

Fitzroy House (AU)

Private residence (GT)

Auditorio Camino Real (GT)

Bentley Brussels, a divisio…

Boterbloem (BE)

Batch Espresso Sydney (AU)

Keukens Fierens (BE)

Private residence (BE)

Auditorium AZ Groeninge (BE)

Mania-K (BE)

Hair Salon, London (GB)

Alheembouw (BE)

Midblock residences (US)

The Ivanhoe Hotel, Manly (A…

Gartenpavillon (CH)

Beauty Care IU, Kortrijk (B…

Smart Solutions (BE)

Ginetta Web (CH)

Light + Building 2018 - Sta…

Private residence (BE)

AZ Delta General Hospital, …

Rizon Jet - Biggin Hill (GB)

Hotel Costa del Sol (ES)

McLaren, Brussels (BE)

Villa Dragor (DK)

Telenet store

Private residence (BE)

Twelve, Kortrijk (BE)

V8 Hotel (DE)

Expo Michiel Hendryckx Ghen…

La Muela S.A.S. (CO)

Private residence Kiev (UA)

Closeburn Station (AU)

Woonhuis te Almelo (NL)

Cameo Moscow Villas (RU)

Indigo Hotel (RU)

ALENA Giessen (DE)

Cittamani Milano(IT)


Gallery Piet Peere, Bruges …

Private residence (BE)

Venetian Islands (US)

GOSH Barclay House (GB)

Sandton Grand Hotel Reylof,…

Private residence, Zonnebek…

Vopak (NL)

Persona Accountants (BE)


Private residence (CO)

Allia Brussel (BE)

Obumex - Interieur 2014 (BE)

Private residence (BE)


From rubber factory to loft…

Oasis de Banus (ES)

El Mimbre Bakery & Coffee (…

Hari's Hairdressers (GB)

Labaere (BE)

Bellevue Museum, Brussels (…

Oogpunt (BE)

Vihta Wellness (BE)

INLITE - Showroom Melbourne…

Private residence, Antwerp …

Meissen Signature Store Dre…

Bulthaup Brussel (BE)

Vilvordit Showroom Zellik (…

Ladies Lake (GB)

Hotel Casona del Colegio Ca…

Villa P - Como Lake (IT)

Van Hulle Bouwservice (BE)

Private residence, Ieper (B…

Politikens bookstore (DK)

Private residence, Wortegem…

Private residence (CZ)

Kfar House (IL)

Alta Marea Restaurant

Notariaat Kathleen vd Eynde…

Private residence – Studio …

Elk flagship store Little C…

Ritzenhoff, Marsberg (DE)

Private residence, Sint-Mar…

1888 Certified (AU)

Lobby Edificio Torre 6 (EC)

Private residence, Moorsled…

Casasola 88 - Atlas Group …

IKI Minskas, Vilnius (LT)

Bulthaup appartment, Sint-P…


Private residence, Kortrijk…


Hotel Beila (BE)

Friluftssykehuset – the Out…

Medienhaus Diözese Würzburg…


Restaurant ViEr (BE)

Oficinas ONE (ES)

Hope Ranch Santa Barbara (U…

Optiek Verstringhe, Maldege…


924 Bel Air Rd (US)

Metronome Launch Event, Ant…

Private residence (BE)

LA-DI-DA, Lodz (PL)


Light+Building 2012, Frankf…

PDG Offices Melbourne (AU)

Private residence, Deurle (…

Private residence (BE)

Tyles Zellik (BE)

Ocean - Office (DK)

Sibomat showroom (BE)

Kinnarps, London (GB)

Puccini Bomboni, Amsterdam …

Jo Wynant - Interieur 2014 …

Tandarts Verstraete (BE)

Xandres Kortrijk (BE)

Klokhof, Kortrijk (BE)

Refter Stedelijke Academie …

Siematic showroom (BE)

Sharifi-ha House (IR)

Cuvee Wijnhandel, Brugge (B…

Roche, Auckland (NZ)

Cork Shop (LB)

The Seed Room (ES)

Willy Naessens, Wortegem-Pe…

Karlusic residence, Melbour…

Apartment M (IT)

Verpakkingen Willaert (BE)

Louis François Tailor (BE)

Other Criteria New York (US)


Islamic Religious and Cultu…

Private residence, Ronse (B…

Boca Raton (US)

Private residence (BE)

Private residence (BE)

Ghelamco HQ (BE)

Private Apartment (Ru)

Buli lounge & restaurant (R…

Moonyounghee Paris (FR)

Private residence (US)

Delta Light Studio Paris - …

Private residence (BE)

Vivienda Aire (SP)

Constantin Loft, Amsterdam …

Gaziano & Girling, 39, Savi…

Project Bestseller (DK)

Samyn, Dadizele (BE)

Kantoren HDI (BE)

Private residence (BE)

Office A341 (IT)

Private residence, Antwerp …

AZ ALMA Eeklo (BE)

Private residence (BE)

Corbie Hotel Lommel - Boekh…

UGC Ciné Cité Vélizy


Private residence, Vlaamse …

Ashrafieh 2030 (LB)

Wurst Gent (BE)

YME Store (NO)

Central European University…

Studio Didea (IT)

LIU-JO, Nieuwpoort (BE)

Guggenheim (GB)

Private residence, Schilde …

Private residence, Keerberg…

Ärztekammer Schleswig Holst…

Private residence, Los Ange…

Versluys (BE)

Showroom Decospan (BE)

Casa Playa (GT)

Open Society Foundation Ser…

St Pauls School - Drama Cen…

Pepa Pombo (CO)

Ad Ultima, Kortrijk (BE)

Townhouse Kurortnaja Street

La Mer Dubai (AE)

Optiek Lammerant (BE)

Corbie Hotel Lommel - Notar…

Thorpe Manor (GB)

Van der Valk, Dordrecht (NL)

Chaussures Delaere Gent (BE)

BLOW, Etterbeek (BE)

Private residence (BE)

Squire Sanders, Perth (AU)

Expo Lieve Blancquaert, Ghe…

Showroom Delta Light Prague…

Genusswerkstatt Haiger (DE)

Private residence (NL)

Hotel D, Basel (CH)

Hotel Cordial Mogan Playa (…

Scandal shop (BG)

Parkhotel (BE)

AICO HQ Shropshire (GB)

Bella Sky Comwell Hotel, Co…

OLIO Ristorante (IT)

Private residence (CO)

Mytilineos HQ (GR)

Mere Hills House - Dishoom …

Private residence (CZ)

Audi Baldinotti, Empoli (IT)

Private residence, Brussels…

De Client, Antwerp (BE)

8 Harley Place (GB)

House of Pertijs, Breda (NL)

Building Group Jansen (BE)

Designspace London (GB)

ADAM Brussel (BE)

Riomar Beach Front Villas (…

Private residence (NL)

Poolhouse (BE)

Eribo (BE)

Kaasrijperij Vantricht, Ant…

Miss India restaurant (AE)

Despacho (ES)

Casa Rio Dulce (GT)

Private residence (DO)

Calla's (BE)

Herbert Smith Freehills (AU)

Casa Barranquilla (CO)

Offices Mallol Architecture…

Allia Luik (BE)

Private residence, Waregem …

Ansto Minerals, Sydney (AU)

Bike Components (DE)

Private residence, Lint (BE)

Private residence, Brussels…

AND Architects (GB)

Callewaert-Vanlangendonck G…

Private residence (BE)

Lootens Line (BE)

Voetgangerstunnel, Kortrijk…

Garage Vereenooghe, Roesela…

Dugardein 24, Oudenaarde (B…

Private residence (BE)

Mondzorg Zuid (BE)

Bekina, Kluisbergen (BE)

Omez, Roeselare (BE)

Nikolskoe (DE)

Private residence (SP)

Private residence (BE)

Laureate International Univ…

Private residence (IT)

Private residence (BE)

No.57 Boutique Cafe (Abu Dh…

Private residence (UA)

Celine Vilez (BE)

GROUP DC headquarters (BE)

Inlite Office - showroom 20…

Private residence, Heverlee…

Boury (BE)

Martins Kloosterhotel, Leuv…

Verhelst, Oostende (BE)

Practice Egide Meertens, Ri…

Lindt Chocolatier, Toronto …

Private residence (MX)

Private residence by Fugazz…

Leymarie Gourdan

The Crossing (NZ)

Parmentier, Knokke (BE)

Hotel M, Roeselare, Knokke …

Private residence - 3111

Rez-de-chaussée (NL)

Jo Wynant - Interieur 2016 …

Expedia (AU)

Generator Workspace (AU)

Apotheek De Lindeboom, Ghen…

Showroom Delta Light HQ 201…

Plancke Tax Consultancy, Ko…

Showroom Delta Light Italia

Damman, Deerlijk (BE)

Oscar Wylee Galeries (AU)

Private residence Beverly H…

Castellum Hogewoerd (NL)

Showroom Delta Light Sofia …

Villa G (UA)

Private residence - Firenze…

Aquabello, Roeselare (BE)


Private residence (BE)

Joost Arijs (BE)

Verfaillie Interieur (BE)

Rigi (BE)

Glass House (AU)

Private residence, Roeselar…

Private residence (NL)

Luxury menswear boutique Sh…

Minna Parikka flagship stor…

Hotel Albrecht, Bratislava …

Market Construction Inc. HQ…

Van de Graaf (NL)

La Poste (FR)

Aspasia+, Halle (BE)

Private residence, Deerlijk…

Avon (PL)

Private residence, Antwerp …

Delta Light (DE)

AVC, Kortrijk (BE)

Clerkenwell residence (GB)

Selexion, St-Martens-Latem …

Voka, Ghent (BE)

Private residence (BE)

Kangaroo Island Airport (AU)

Showroom Delta Light Studio…

Scalini (BE)

Bulthaup - Stand Batibouw 2…

Degroof Petercam Antwerpen …

Nouvelle Vague à Nantes (FR)

Bruynseels-Vochten (BE)

ERARD Verzekeringen (BE)

Private residence (GB)

Private residence (BE)

Offices Saai Interieur (BE)

Delta Light HQ Expansion (B…

Showroom Dubai (AE)

Showroom Delta Light, Londo…

MOKO shopping mall (CN)

Cummins Fitout (AU)

J-E-F, Ghent (BE)

Starbucks Roastery and Tast…

Wunder pop-up (BE)

Uitvaartcentrum Van De Veld…

BeCycle (DE)

Private residence (Be)

Stijl window, Brussels (BE)

Live To Travel

Laneway Greens (AU)

326 Downstairs Studio (GB)

Private residence, Bucarama…

Amanzoe Resort (GR)

RSJ Offices (CZ)

Dubai Office (AE)

Private residence, Knokke (…

Argentakantoor (BE)

Stokkan Lys Showroom (NO)

Arata Boutique (Co)

Showroom Delta Light, Amste…

Private residence (BE)

Velvet Café (BE)

Notariaat Francis Spruyt (B…

Villared (BE)

Bticino Concept store, Brus…

Akt Magazine – Interieur Bi…

Mercure Hotel Accent Busine…

Lunchbox Töging am Inn (DE)

Delta Light - Ernest NYC Sh…

Unique Gallery (CZ)

Dok Noord, Ghent (BE)

Private residence - Grimber…

Expo Merckx - Ickx Brussel …

Villa in the sky (BE)

Riviera Hotel, Beirut (LB)


Showroom Milano 2019

Cummins Fitout (AU)

Sankini (BE)

Inlite showroom, Brisbane (…

Spire Hospital, Manchester …

De Meester Consultans (BE)

Poorter Tandartsen (NL)

Het Wit Kasteel (BE)

STS, Lier (BE)

Callebaut Academy (BE)

Private residence (BE)

Rams, Sydney (AU)

TrainM (BE)

Obumex Flagship Store Bruss…

B&B in Vlaamse Velden (BE)

Private residence (BE)

Casa EVVI (ES)

Alfons Smets Residenties (B…

Bank van Breda, Herentals (…

The Shire - Pharmaceuticals…

Private residence (BE)

Inlite, Sydney (AU)

Villa Tabari (AE)

Private residence, Bellevue…

Corporate Offices Mariposa …

Two Sheds (AU)

PLAY, Kortrijk (BE)

Wijnen Declerck, Kortrijk (…

La Casa Fluida (IT)

Morgan London, Clerkenwell …

Generational Retreat (NZ)


Yzer Fashion, Ardooie (BE)

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